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As a quick service, bakery-café that serves
excitingly different products, Kolache Factory is
experiencing tremendous success in the market.

Recognizing that bakery-cafés are currently producing among
the highest average retail unit volumes of any concept outside
of casual dining, Kolache Factory has tremendous growth
potential as a business franchise opportunity.

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Deliciously Unique Products

Baked fresh each and every day our kolaches are portable, appropriate to eat any time of day, and available with a wide variety of fillings.

Kolache Factory makes its high quality products available to customers at extremely affordable prices. With over 25 different varieties, we have some kolaches that are priced at less than a $1.00 each to our most expensive Polish Sausage Kolache which is priced under $3.00.

Our price points allow our customers to have more options and choice in what they choose to eat! Many customers love our product because they are delicious and easy to eat on the run. Our vast selection of kolaches allow consumers to eat them any time of the day, making them the perfect meal or snack. Our customers frequently purchase them by the dozens for office meetings, company parties, sales calls or to take home for the family.


Breakfast has been one of the strongest-performing dayparts in the industry...QSR morning meal, which NPD defines as breakfast, morning snack and brunch, showed the biggest gains of any daypart during the past year, according to NPD data. For the three-month period ended February 2006, morning meal traffic was up 8 percent over the same period the prior year. QSR lunch saw traffic gains of 2 percent, while supper traffic remained flat.


Flavorful & flexbile Menu

Our innovative Menu allows for flexibility in flavor and can be adapted to changing consumer tastes.

Kolache Factory is committed to developing exciting , new taste sensations. Our dedication to this ideal is reflected in our extensive, ever-expanding menu. As a company that responds to consumer trends, we are continually introducing kolaches in a variety of new flavors, including regional, ethnic and holiday flavors. Our franchisees benefit from having the ability to offer kolaches in a wide assortment of delicious flavors, without the need to change the basic kolache formula.


A Tasty business opportunity

We invite you to take a few minutes to get to know more about the Kolache Factory. Learn more about the franchise opportunities in a 10 minute pre-recorded webinar.

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It’s all about the customer

We offer the utmost in customer convenience.

Our products are not only convenient to eat, they're convenient to purchase. Because our freshly baked goods can be quickly ordered, bagged and boxed, we deliver extremely fast service. Our goal is to get each one of our customers in and out within 2 minutes making our service rival that of many fast food drive thrus!


 Your Financial Security

A Kolache Factory Franchise requires a lower initial franchisee investment than many other quick service restaurants.

Because our kolaches are not exceedingly complex to create, and do not require a large staff or inordinate amount of equipment to prepare, our bakery-café delivers a higher yield per square foot through operating efficiencies, including lower materials and equipment costs, and reduced labor. Whenever possible, we negotiate pricing arrangements with our suppliers on behalf of our franchisees. In many cases this allows our franchisees to benefit from volume discounts. See Kolache Factory franchise requirements.


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